Thursday, April 8, 2010

I can't believe the week has gone by so quickly.  We'll be leaving tomorrow.
Today it's raining so we won't be doing much.  We've had a fun filled week.  Although most of the things we wanted to do we were unable due to circumstances beyond our control.  Scheduling, road closes, expense.
Yesterday we went to Dollywood.  As well as about 20,000 other people.  And it was HOT.  That southern kind of hot that you only find down here.  Thank goodness we come here often so it wasn't a wasted day.  We stood in line for over an hour to get food and most of the rides and attractions had long lines to.  Over all it was a bad day, just a little frustrating.
On Tuesday we went to The Miracle Theater.  This is a place that does a show called "The Mircale"  It is the story of Christ's life.  At first I was a little taken aback when I walked in.  They had a concession stand, a souvenier shop, and light up stuff to wave around during the show.  Just like the Ice Capades!
So needless to say I was a little skeptical.
After the show however, I was pleasantly surprised.  Once I took in what they were doing there, I realized how truly wonderful it was.  In the middle of dinner shows, Ripley's attractions, outlet malls, and go kart tracks, they are giving people the message of the gospel.
I've been to Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA and they have a similar set up, so I should be prejudice against this type of show.  But as I've said before I'm a little leary about Jesus shows.  And they did have their share of things that I thought were a little.....hmmmm.....dare I say.....tacky?
Pictures and autographs of Jesus?
Pictures with angels and Satan?
Camel rides?
Hmmmm, it's really all in how you look at it.
I can't deny though that they are reaching people, even it is in an unconventional way.
The show was beautifully done and the music was moving. 
I got teary several times.
We even bought the cd of one of the actors in the show.  He has 13 original worship songs on it that he has written.
They also have a cd of the performance and are currently filming a dvd.
The evening show is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Melinda Doolittle, former American Idol finalist is part of that show.  I think I'd like to see that one next time.
Overall I enjoyed the show, my kids are still singing some of the songs, and my in laws who are not believers say it is one of their favorite shows to see here.
Here is the website if you would like to check it out.

Gotta go, breakfast is ready.
Last day.
Back to reality tomorrow.


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