Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Oh, the dreaded return from vacation.
We pulled in to our driveway at 12:00 am Friday, or is that Saturday? I'm never sure how to say it.
Anyway, got in late from Tennessee, got a few hours sleep and literally hit the ground running on Saturday morning.  My daughter had play practice and my son had baseball practice, oh and we had no food in the house and I had to get the dogs from the kennel before 11:00 am or we had to pay for an extra day.  Anything else?  Hmmm
Oh yeah, my husband had to go to WaWa as soon as we got home because we didn't have any milk or toilet paper in the house. 
I really shouldn't let everything run down before a vacation.  It seems like a good idea at the time until you get home at midnight and there's no toilet paper.
Our vacation was nice.  It was good to get away.
Funny story though.  There's always plenty to do where my in laws live in Tennessee.  So each time we go we have to decide what we want to do.  This time we were going to go to the Cherokee Indian Reservation which is actually in North Carolina about an hour away.  We also wanted to go to a historical town right at the base of the Smokey Mountains called Cades Cove.  Then there was the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina and the new Titantic Exhibit.
Well, The Cherokee Indian Reservation doesn't open to the public till June.
The road to Cades Cove was under construction.  (there's only one road in and out)
The highway to the Biltmore Estate was closed due to a rock slide.  Also it was VERY expensive.
The Titanic Exhibit was supposed to open on the only day of the week that it was scheduled to rain so we thought it would probably be too crowded.  Good call, they mentioned on the news that night that there were HUGE crowds.
But we salvaged the week and visited Dollywood, the Nascar Go Kart Track, The Miracle Show, and a matinee movie. (The Last Song and How to Train Your Dragon)
All in all a nice time.
Now we are home and its' busy busy busy.  Oh how I long to live a vacation lifestyle all the time.  Does anyone know if that is possible?  If so, let me know how to pull it off I still haven't figured it out.  Everytime I come back from vacation I'm hit with this huge let down.
On a good note, I was checking all of the blogs I usually keep up with and they are doing another scholarship contest for the She Speaks Writers and Speakers Conference.  You can find out more about the conference here http://www.shespeaksconference.com/   This time they've asked you to write an article suitable for publishing in the Proverbs 31 Ministries Magazine.  You can find out more about the magazine here http://www.proverbs31.org/p31womanmagazine/P31WomanMagazine.php   I don't subscribe, not because it isn't good or anything, mostly because I try to keep expenses under control, but I do read the featured article on the website and occasionally I will buy a single magazine.
I'm still working on my submission.  I have till midnight Thursday.  Or is that Friday?
Oh well, I'll keep you posted on that.  I really want to try everything to possibly get a scholarship to the conference.  It is really expensive so I don't think I can work it into our budget right now.  I'm just going to trust God that if He wants me there, somehow I'll find my way there.

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