Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ultimate Performance

Last night was American Idol night.  I'm a big fan of the show and I've watched each season since season 2. I enjoy most is hearing the music and watching the singers each week try to impress the judges and the viewing public with the ultimate performance.
The hard part is hearing the criticisim.  I cannot imagine having to stand there after working so hard on something and hearing the judges tear it apart.  Although most times, I agree with the judges.   There are times when it is "pitchy", and a "little all over the place", and I "just don't get it" Yeah, I'm a little bit of a couch critic.  Simon and I should get together for coffee sometime.
Anyway, the whole thing just kind of got me thinking.
What if we had to stand and try to impress Jesus someday?  What if our "moving on to the next round" meant having to put on a good show for the judge?  What if we had to endure criticisim of our performance?
Wow.  I'd be in big trouble.
I'd definately be hearing
"yo dog, it was pitchy"
"it was a little all over the place"
"I just don't get it"
Incidently, I looked up the word pitchy at  It is a word that describes tar.  Yes, you read that right.  Black, icky, sticky tar.  The pitchy part refers to being coated in it.  Of course the other definitions have to do with baseball pitch, and musical pitch, etc.  But I thought it interesting that the first definition referred to being coated in black tar.  I also found the Urban in which it describes "pitchy" as the slang word being used on American Idol to say nicely that you didn't sing good.
So yes, I think if I had to "sing" my way into heaven, Jesus would tell me I was pitchy.  Way too much black tar in this life.  More then I care to admit.
The singing voice isn't so great either.
I wouldn't be able to impress the judge enough to convince him to let me in. My day to day performance of just ordinary things seems to always fall short.  And let's not even discuss some of the more important things that I've messed up.
Luckily I don't have to count on trying to impress the judge.  Because through his love for us, Jesus has already given the performance of a lifetime.  (I'm not diminishing his death at all to that of a performance, I'm just using words that go along with the current theme of my post)  Nothing we do on this earth will impress our judge enough to convince him to let us through to the next round.  Jesus was the only performance that was worthy.  We must stand behind him and let him sing for us. 
I for one, am thankful for that, because I don't have any confidence in my ability to impress anyone.  Just look around my house and you'll understand why.
No, I'm not confident in my performance abilities, but I am confident in the ultimate performance.

And that's worth more than any record contract.

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