Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Year Later-Scholarship Post

I started this blog a year ago on March 23rd.  The reason I started it was because I was entering a contest to win a scholarship to the She Speaks Writers and Speakers Conference.  Here is the link to the conference if you want to find out more about what goes on there.
 This is a conference held every year for women interested in spreading God's word through writing, speaking or blogging.  It is a great opportunity to learn more about this craft of communicating.  They also have stuff for women's ministry leaders to.  It is all put on by the women's ministry team at Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Here is a link to their site
There is a blog I follow by one of the women who runs the conference and when she mentioned a chance for a scholarship, I jumped at it.   Here is the link to the post on her blog about the contest. 
You should check out her blog anyway, not just for the contest.  SO WONDERFUL!
I didn't even know anything about blogging or how to set up a blog a year ago.  I wasn't even sure I was going to have anything to say let alone keep it going for a whole year now.
I didn't win the contest, but they are having it again this year. 
And how bout this?  I think blogging is great!  I've come to really enjoy expressing myself through blogging.  I even like all of the techy stuff that you can do on a blog.  I think I might have an interest in blog or web design because of this.
Sometime Monday I will leave a link to this post in an attempt to win the scholarship this year. 
In order to win I need to write about why I want to go to the conference.
I only have a few minutes right now and it needs to be posted before the week is over so Im going to do my best because who knows if I'll get to post again this week.  I just pray it is enough.

A year ago I started this blog as a quick contest entry in an attempt to win the scholarship.  
At that time I was only just beginning to talk or do anything about my desire to write. I wasn't even sure if it was something I was capable of.
Writing regularly on this blog has given me practice in putting my thoughts into words. As I think back over the last year I feel like even though I haven't written an actual book, I have made a few steps in the right direction. I have gotten ideas and I've written about them. I've started reading books on writing and I've spent time actually writing.  I haven't actually completed anything.....but its a start I guess.
I want to go to the She Speaks Writers and Speakers Conference because it would give me uninterrupted time to explore and work on my desire to write. 
As a busy mom of two there just never seems to be enough time in the day. 
There's homeschooling, household chores, church ministy areas that I serve in, activities, family and part time work.
Things like writing seem to not be as important as some of the other things that need to be done.  I do the best that I can with getting things down on paper, however the bulk of what I have written or would like to write is in my head.  I've often told people that I've written entire books in my head.   I just don't have time to put them down on paper.  It's a shame people can't climb in there and read what I've written.
Even as I write this, I have to get up periodically to tell my child again that it is time for bed. And they are not that young, they are old enough to understand bed time.
It's late but this is the only time I have had to sit down at the computer all weekend.  I think it is after ten.
Wait, time out a minute.....
Ok, sorry had to answer a quick question and give goodnight kisses one more time.
Where was I?
Why I want to go to the conference.
Even though I post when I can on this blog, and
I journal,
I read books on writing, and
I do get things down on paper when I just can't keep it in my head anymore and the story is threatening to come out in the middle of a conversation.
There are still times I'm not sure I should be spending any time on writing.
I often wonder if it is really what I should be doing. Although I have read things written by writers who describe what writers are like and I describes me perfectly.
I still second guess.  I feel like I lack the skills and education needed to write.
I just have a sense of not knowing what to do with all this stuff in my head.
Going to the conference would give me a chance to really focus on writing.  I think I could put in some good hard work on writing and I would be able to see if I should keep pursuing this beyond just writing for myself.
If I could go to She Speaks, it would give me the skills I need and I think I could come home and finally start doing all of the writing that I would like to. 

I don't know if I have been able to express well enough my desire to go to the conference.  My thoughts seem to be all over the place right now. It is still sometimes difficult for me to put what is in my head into words. 
I just know in my heart the more I think about it, and the more I pray and study God's word concerning this desire, the more I know that it is not going away.  I literally feel like I need to do this.  I hope you can understand that.
Oh no, can you believe my daughter is coming out of her room again to ask me another question?  Before I said it was bedtime, no one even noticed I wasn't in the room with them.  As soon it is bedtime, everyone has questions!
Do you see why most of my writing is in my head?
I barely have time to write this post.

I desperately want to go to the conference.

I need to go to this conference.

My head cannot hold anymore of my writing in it, I have to get it out on paper before my it explodes.

Do you think they will miss me if I go right now?

I gotta go, my eyes are blurring.
Tomorrow is another day.



  1. Bless you! I pray that you would have the opportunity to attend She Speaks.

    In Him,

  2. Hang on just might be on the attender's list!
    I bet the other's feel just as desperate as you and I!

    This conference could change a person's life forever!

    Goodluck! I send you BEST WISHES!!