Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Good Book

I finally finished it.
Just last night I finished reading Washington's Lady by Nancy Moser.  This was probably the longest it has ever taken me to read a book, other than when I read Pride & Prejudice.  For some reason it just took me a while to really get into the story.  Not because the story was bad or anything, quite the opposite actually.  I think it was because I just had a hard time viewing Martha and George Washington as young people.  All my life the only pictures I've seen of them have been those portraits that you see in museums or history books.  Mostly it was just George Washington in his uniform.  I've never really seen Martha until recently on the cover a biography my son is reading for school, and it was picture of her when she was older.
Anyway, this book was a good read.  Once I got into the story there were times I couldn't put it down.  This is my second book by Nancy Mozer that I have read and I wasn't disappointed.  The first book that I read was called Just Jane it was a historical fiction story about Jane Austen.  Actually if you go to Nancy's website http://www.nancymoser.com/index.cfm you'll see that she actually calls them "bio-novels", which I think is an accurate description.  It is actually a biography but it is told like a fictional novel.  All of her books are available at her website.  I purchased mine at a store on vacation in Tennessee called "Books A Million"  I would imagine it is also available at Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble, although I haven't actually checked.
I learned so much about Martha and George Washington that I never new, yet it wasn't a boring biography full of facts and timelines.  And she does the coolest thing at the back of the book.  First she has study questions in case you want to use the book for a book club, then she has this other section that goes through and points out everything in the book that is factual, and everything that she made up.  I think that was my favorite part.  Being able to see what parts of the book actually happened the way she wrote it.  Sooo cool!
Yes, as you can see, I am a closet history nerd. 
I'll admit it. 
There is just something about reading books full of actual historical events that I get excited about. And if you think thats odd, you should see me when I visit actual historical sites and can see where things happened.
Weird, I know.
One of the other things I like about this book is I can let my 13 year old daughter read it.  She has recently been struggling with finding age appropriate and content appropriate fiction to read.  I know if she read this book I wouldn't have to worry about what she was reading.  And I also think she would enjoy it.
Nancy Moser has written many other books.  I haven't read any of her others but the two I mentioned here.  She has two other bio-novels that I'd like to read:  "Mozart's Sister" about, of course, Mozart's sister. and "How do I love thee" which is about Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the poet.  I don't know much about either of these women so I would imagine that I will enjoy learning about them the same way I enjoyed learning about Martha.
We've talked about taking a trip to Washington DC with the kids sometime soon. Now I can't wait to visit Mt. Vernon.  I think I will look at it with a whole new perspective after reading about Martha and George.
How great was this book? 
Not only did I learn something about these historical figures, but it made me smile, and it also made me cry and I now have a new appreciation for our countries history.
That to me says "Good Book"


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