Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Day Book Review

Ok. Yesterday was alot of fun.  My kids played in the waist deep snow. (I kid you not, it is that deep in our yard, at least for my 8 year old)  In the morning we had no electricity.  Our stove is gas so we were still able to cook.  My husband cooked breakfast and the kids played board games.  Always fun to watch that.  It didn't last though, we must have some pretty good workers out there because it was back in in a few hours.  I had a list of things I wanted to do during the day inside and I did them all.
I crocheted a bunny for a gift for a friend. 
I started working on a scarf for myself. 
I read my bible.
I journaled.
As much fun as our snow day was yesterday, and as much fun as it will be for the next few days, I know there are people out there who do not enjoy the snow, so I won't dwell on how happy I am about the blizzard.

For those people, and for anyone else out there who reads this blog and likes to read other things,  I have some book reviews.
In my currently reading section I had listed "The Sugar Queen" as what I'm currently reading.  Well, I'm a little behind because that book is finished and returned to the library already and I have actually read another book called "Austenland" since posting that.  I'm sorry, I really do devour books when I start reading them.  Plus, it was snowing.  ooops sorry!
So here is my opinion of these two books I've read recently.
The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addisen Allen.  I've never read anything by this auther before.  I picked it up in Borders last week and read the summary on the back.  The main character had the same name as me, and one of the other characters has a "strange" experience with books.  Strange doesn't even begin to describe it, but I don't want to give too much away. The main character has issues with food, a relationships, past behavior, and guilt.  Oooh, sounds like many of us.  No?  Maybe just me then.  She has a should I put this....uncommon, mysterious, otherworldly,....odd experience with someone from the town she lives in.  The situation continues for the entire book, with a surprise twist, that I figured out about half way through.  Have no fear, it didn't ruin the book for me, it actually made it more interesting.  Anyone who knows me, knows I peak at the ending of books.  It has never ruined it for more, it always adds to the excitment of the book.  Hard to explain, you have to be an ending peaker to understand.
This is auther is not a believer as far as I can tell from her writing, however you never know, I won't judge.  The book was very interesting and entertaining.  It took me a whole two days to read it.  Part because I read fast, part because it is not a long book, part because I couldn't put it down.  Is that too many parts?  It held my attention the whole time. Anyway, good story, interesting characters, fun to read.  I would recommend it to anyone who is just looking for a good read.  If I ever see it on the book rack at the library or the sale rack at Borders I'll probably buy it.  Her name is the same as mine, for that reason alone I should own it.
Austenland by Shannon Hale.  This one was recommended to me by a friend who shares my love of all things Mr. Darcy. (at least I hope that is acurate)  Two summers ago, I began my Jane Austen journey.  I read Pride and Prejudice and watched the movie.  The A&E 5 hour version of course.  I have since began reading "Emma", and "Mansfield Park".  I say began, because I haven't finished them.  You need lots of time to read Jane Austen.  It is difficult to stop and put down with too much time going buy in between.  I've also read a book called Just Jane which is a historical fiction book about Jane Austen.
Well, this book was also a good read.  The main character is obsessed with Mr. Darcy.  She is not able to have any kind of real relationship with a man because every man she meets is compared to him.  She wants to find her Mr. Darcy.  A rich relative dies and leaves her a vacation.  Yes, she was bequeathed a vacation.  I've never heard of this, but it is fiction.  The vacation is to a very exclusive resort in England that caters to Regency Era fans.  Once there, people are completely emersed in the Regency curlture, complete with clothing, food, and activities.  The resort is full of actors whose job is the give each woman who comes there the full Regency treatment.  The main character goes in an attempt to finally put her Mr. Darcy fantasy to rest.  She is sure after spending 3 weeks in the Regency era she will be ready to say goodbye to Mr. Darcy forever and move on with her life.  Well, you can guess how this turns out right?  Again, not a bad thing to know how it will turn out.  What I didn't expect is how afterwards when I thought about the story, I realized that the author created a modern day story that includes elements of many of Austen's books.  Of course it felt like she was living Pride and Prejudice, complete with a Mr. Wickam and an unrully and unclassy sister.  However, I'm sure there were other elements of Austen's stories interwoven in there.  I would be able to give examples of that if I'd actually finished another Austen book.  Oh well, a goal for 2010.
Long story short, if you are an Austen fan, and you don't mind that modern day authors are still spinning tales around the characters of Austen's books, (some people do not like this) then I would recommend this book.  If I see it on the book bin or sale rack I would probably buy it. I've already recommended it to my other Austen obsessed friends.
Both of these books were available at my local library.
And I've updated the Currently Reading section.

Happy Reading!


Time for the disclaimer.
These are just my opinions.
If you read either of them and don't like them, then you are entitled to your opinion.
If my opinion affects the sale of these books in either a positive or negative way, that was not my intention and please don't hold me responsible.
Neither of these authors so far as I can tell are believers. There is nothing Godly in any of these books.
However, I truly enjoy reading. I will read all kinds of books if the story or subject seems interesting to me.

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