Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girlfriends and Goodbooks

Two of my favorite things! This past Sunday, I met up with my "peeps" at Borders for a little coffee and conversation.   My "peeps" are three ladies that I used to work with when I worked fulltime at my children's school.  We were the office ladies.  It was our own version of The Office. Two of us have moved on and left our jobs there, and two of us are still there.
We meet periodically for coffee out, or at each other's homes, or sometimes for dinner.  Our time spent together is full of laughter, tears, sweets, coffee and most importantly good talks!
We talk about everything and anything.  Our closeness is evident in how open and honest we are able to be with each other when we talk.  We encourage each other. We pray for each other.  Sometimes we just listen as one of us rants and raves about something.  Whatever we need from each other we are able to give.
I have many friends.  All of whom are extremely important (I take friendship VERY seriously).
But there is something special and different about my friendship with these women.
We have made a strong effort to stay intouch even though our paths are going in different directions now. 
At first I wasn't even really sure why.  It would have been very easy for us to have just lost touch and chalked it up to our not seeing each other every day.  Somehow, that didn't happen.  We found ourselves, emailing and getting together regularly almost immediately after two of us left the office.  As if there was no question that our friendship would continue.
I am so thankful to God that he put it on our hearts to keep this friendship going.
So we browsed and talked and sat and talked and drank coffee and talked and before you know it 3 hours had gone bye.
And by the way, Borders was having a great sale!
I found a book marked down to $1.99!  I also picked up a spelling workbook for my son and got 33% off with a Borders rewards coupon.  WooHoo! I love me a bargain!
I have to tell you about a book I found.  I didn't buy it, but I think I might. I went to the library and checked it out from there instead of buying it.  It is my current read (see sidebar).  Although I am almost finished it already.    I HAD to read this story.  It is called "The Sugar Queen".  When I read the summary on the back I laughed out loud.  The main character's name is Josey.  Yup, that's right, its even spelled the same as me.  She loves sweets and keeps a secret stash of  sweets and romance novels in her closet. When I read that, I looked at my friend and did my best Alice in Wonderland impression.
You had to be there.
Now, I'm not saying there is a similiarity, but.....  hehehehe......although everyone in my home knows where my candy is kept and my romance novels are right on the book shelf.  That's right, I'm not ashamed of them.  Remember, I read everything, I'm no book snob.
Anyway, strange things begin to happen to her and her friends.  I won't tell you too much.  But it is turning out to be a great read. My bargain book for $1.99 is called "While my pretty one knits".  It is a murder mystery involving a knitting store.  Sounds like another fun read.
I'll post more once I am finished with each of these.
Speaking of finished.  I just finished "Sweethearts for a Lifetime".  It is the book that will be the focus of our church's marriage retreat coming up in April.  My husband and I have been asked to lead a small group discussion during the retreat so they gave us the book ahead of time to read.
What a great book for couples!  The chapters were short.  Each one had discussions questions for couples.  It was written from a biblical perspective and was clearly based on the truth of God's word.  I believe this book would be helpful to any couple no matter wher they are in their marriage.  Even for someone who is not married yet.  I felt like it was everything I ever wanted to know about how to have a good marriage.
I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a Godly marriage.

What's the point of all this you ask?
Not really sure.
Just that friends are important
So are good books.
You never know how each of these are going to impact your life.


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