Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Steps

At the beginning of this year, I made a committment to read my bible everyday.
As of today, I'm still on schedule.  I have read my bible just about everyday since January 1.  I say just about because I have missed a few days here and there, but I always caught up the next day.
Now I didn't commit to this so I could just check it off my list everyday.  As much as I know it is something that should be done everyday.  I did this so I could commit to being in God's word everyday because I felt it was something I needed to do.
So everyday I've been reading my bible.  I give praise to God for knowing how to get me hooked and keep me reading.  The schedule I'm using started in the book of Ezra, which is a small book, and then went to Nehemiah, Esther, then Job. 
No wonder I've been reading non-stop.
Something else that I think contributed to me being able to stay with my daily reading was the schedule I chose.  It actually has a "Family Devotion" schedule and a "Secret Devotion" schedule.  We are using something else for the family devotion so I'm not following that schedule.  I'm using the Secret Devotion schedule.  This schedule has a chapter from the Old Testament and the New Testament everyday.
In the past I have tried to follow a schedule like this and it never worked out.
I decided to just go with the Old Testament for now.  I didn't want to overwhelm myself, because I thought I would just end up giving up after awhile.
Baby steps. A little at a time.
Whatever works right?
Not only is it working, but I have found myself turning to the New Testament or Psalms or Proverbs anyway just because I want to read more.
Isn't that amazing?
I have also found that keeping my bible close by, sometimes open, makes it hard to ignore.  It's right there, ready to go anytime.  Which is not usually a problem.  Our dining room table seems to be part school desk, part craft center, part dining table and part just giant catch all. 
I don't pressure myself to read first thing in the moring either. There are many times I find myself going in my room after dinner with my bible to read.  I know it is better to start the day that way, but let's face it, sometimes it just doesn't happen.  Most of the time I am reading in the morning and I like that, but I don't pressure myself to do it.
Baby steps.  A little at a time.
This week I added an additional step to the reading.  Not only am I reading Old Testament, periodically a New Testament chapter, or Psalm, or Proverb, but I keep my journal right next to me while I'm reading.
I started out just writing the date and any scripture that jumped out at me.  If it was a really good one, I would put it on an index card for quick reference. 
This morning not only did I write down a verse, but I journaled how it was speaking to me today.  This is a good exercise because if you're like me, writing it down keeps it in my mind throughout the day.  It is also helping me to see how God is speaking to me through his word.  I can see how it is applying to my life by writing about what comes to mind while I'm reading.

Next I'd like to try memorizing scripture.
Baby steps.

Before I know it a whole year will go by and I might just learn something.


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