Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Away

Last week my husband and I took four days away by ourselves. The end of this month will be our 15th wedding anniversary so we thought we'd do something special. My sister in law came up from Tennessee to stay with our kids for the week. She was looking to get away for a vacation and these worked perfect for her.
We left monday evening and headed up to Litiz, PA (near lancaster). After searching on the internet we found a bed and breakfast called the Speedwell Forge Bed & Breakfast. It is a beautifully restored home from the 1700's. It also is home to the Speedwell Forge Wolf Sanctuary, which was really cool. The sanctuary is home to over 40 wolves that have been displaced due to various reasons. You could hear them howling! And the way it is set up you can walk within about 3 feet of their fenced in area, so you are really close.
Our room was actually a separate cottage on the property complete with a mini kitchen. One morning we slept in and the owner actually provided us with everything we needed to make breakfast in the cottage so we didn't have to walk up to the main house for breakfast. The other two mornings, she made breakfast for us and it was wonderful. Check out the site here: and
The town of Litiz is very charming. It is also home to the Wilbur Chocolate Factory. They've been making chocolate since 1884. Check them out here:
We also spent time in Lancaster, although many of the stores are closed this time of year. We brought back lots of goodies, raisin bread, pickled beets, and fruit preserves.
And the outlets were having amazing sales!!!!
I still can't believe it has been 15 years since we got married.
Somehow it managed to go by really fast and at the same time it seems like such a long time.
How can that be?
I think because we've come such a long way since we were first married. We are not the same people we were then. Which is probably a good thing. But at the same time, WOW! fifteen years!
Anyway, theres lots happening in our household, probably enough for several posts. That is my goal, to fill you in on everything that I've been wanting to write about recently.
Tommorrow I plan to post about the two books I've read recently: "The Last Lecture" and "The Five Love Languages".


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