Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recently Read

So far since the beginning of this year I have read 4 books.
The Christmas List
Memoirs on the Craft of Writing
The Last Lecture
The Five Love Languages

I thought I'd take sometime to let you know what I thought of each of these.

The Christmas List: This was written by the same author that wrote the Christmas Box. I've never read the Christmas Box, but I think it was a best seller. I read a summary of the Christmas List and it sounded good so I picked it up. It was a quick read. I read it in one day. Without revealing too much here's the basics. A newspaper mistakening prints the obituary of a man that has the same name as the actual person who died. This man who did not die is not a very nice person. Once people think he is dead, he finds out what people really think of him. He begins to reflect on his life and decides to make some changes. I really like this book. It was a quick read, had an interesting story, made me smile, and sometimes made me cry (two qualities I like in a book), and it had a happy ending. So if you like that sort of thing, then this book is for you. I have recommended it to several friends and have lent it out to people already. I haven't had anyone tell me yet, that they didn't like it.

Memoirs on the Craft of Writing: This book was written by Stephen King. Now, before everyone gets all crazy on me. I am going to just say it. I own and have read several Stephen King books. Some I have enjoyed thoroughly, and there were others I did not. However, I stand by my opinion that he is a good writer, whether you like his stories or not. Anyway, this is his only non-fiction book he's ever written. If you are interested in writing, it might be worth it to read this book. He quotes other reputable writing resources in his attempt to give out advice for someone who wants to write. He writes in a very easy to understand way and he gives very practical information about writing.

The Last Lecture: I have heard several people talk about this book, so when I saw it on the bargain rack at the library for a $1 I had to pick it up. This was a very insightful book. In a nutshell, a professor is asked to give a lecture as if it were his last. Apparently this is something that is done quite often at colleges. But the difference this time is, that it really is his last lecture. The author is dying of pancreatic cancer. The book is a written version of his lecture in which he talks about the things he has accomplished in his life and how he did it. He also talks about how he has acceptable what is happening to him and how that has affected how he has lived the last few months of his life. It is also a way of leaving behind something for his family and friends to be able to see and read about him. A sort of legacy I guess you could say. A really good read.

The Five Love Languages: This was an interesting read also. Gary Chapman the author, is a counselor who works primarily with married people. He speaks at conferences and has written other books on marriage as well. Basically he is saying that everyone feels loved in one of five ways. Once you learn to speak the right "language" to your spouse or child and vice versa, then things should go smoothly. He gives alot of examples of couples in different situations and how is theory of love languages has helped. I liked it. I thought it had good information. It sounded really good to, especially if it works. And really what he is saying makes alot of sense.

Ok, so there you have it. These are the first books I've read this year and what I thought of them. I hope I have been able to convey my thoughts in a way that makes sense to you. If you have any questions about these books you can leave a comment and I can answer more specifically if you like.
Check out my currently reading section to see what I'm reading next. I plan to let you know what I thought of each book I've read this year.

That's all for now.


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