Tuesday, December 8, 2009


17 Days.....
Can you believe it? It is coming so fast.
I guess I'm ready. There's still the menu to plan for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Our home is the choice home for celebrating. There are a few gifts yet to buy. Then there is the wrapping, which honestly is my favorite part.
I'm still trying to keep things simple this year. Lot's of home made gifts. I won't give away too much because some of the people who will be receiving them read this blog. At least I think they
do. We don't have our tree yet, which is just weird for us. I'm hoping we will have time this weekend to get it, now that Breakfast in Bethlehem is over.

Our children's event Breakfast in Bethlehem went very well. It was well attended and our production of the first christmas went off without a hitch. For my part, all of the costumes were returned and are now stored in the costume closet. The next thing will be getting them cleaned.

Our basketball program starts this week. I think we have just about 230 kids in the program this year. People are still calling to sign up. If you don't know anything about Upward Sports, you should check out their website. It is a wonderful program that introduces children to Christ through sports. We've been doing basketball at our church for the last 5 years. My husband and I have been involved since the beginning. It is something we look forward to every year.

I've been trying my best to watch what I'm eating. It is really difficult. I think I'm going to have to use an actual program. Something that is restrictive. I've tried them all so it is just a matter of picking one to stick with. However just that word, "diet" or "program" just gives me a case of the shakes.
I don't want to do it.
I need to do it.
It's going to be hard.
So hard.
Probably the hardest thing I've ever done.
It's time I realized that if I'm ever going to conquer this weight issue I need to get serious and get tough with myself. I'm still debating whether or not this is the right time to do this. With everything coming up how am I possibly going to be able to hold it together and resist all of the yummy things that will be placed before me? And exercise? Who has time for that?
Oh, I need strength right now.
Lot's of strength.
The kind of strength that only comes from the one living within me.
How is it that we can have all of the strength of Jesus in us and yet we fail to use it? I wonder about that every day. I've heard our pastors say it over and over again. And yet it seems everyday I forget. I forget that I'm not bound by sin anymore. I forget that it doesn't control me anymore. Then I beat myself up about it. How could I forget? How can I behave as if I don't know what he's done?
Yes, it's time to get serious.
And this is the perfect time to do it.


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