Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello all!
I've been putting off posting something because I don't really have anything to say. But I'm committed to this blog and to the few people who read it so I'm going to just start something and see where it goes.
We're busy as usual. There are church events coming up, basketball is in full swing and Thanksgiving is two days away.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. For me it's better than Christmas, Easter, or any of the others. Why? Because it is all about the food of course! The whole holiday centers around the meal. Can you believe it? Other holidays have their food parts, but nothing like Thanksgiving. Now, the meal is always the same, but there is still room for improvement. Each year I try something new. This year I have a recipe for the turkey that is different from anything I've ever tried. I don't usually tell my husband about new recipes, he doesn't like change. As long as it tastes good in the end he doesn't really care how I got it that way. He doesn't have to worry, I'll have all his favorites. The cranberry sauce from a can, Stove Top Stuffing (with mushrooms and sausage just like his mom makes) and pumpkin pie with coolwhip.
The other thing I like about Thanksgiving is the atmosphere. There is just this relaxing feeling about the whole day. The parade in the morning, the highschool football games going on around town. The kids making their Christmas lists and playing games. Everyone eats then we just kind of lay around and watch more football, maybe look at the sale ads, you get the picture.
It's a regular glutton and sloth kind of holiday.
But in a good way.
It's not meant to be done in a sinful way. I think holidays should be relaxing. I don't like being stressed about the holidays. It defeats the purpose. I think for that one day we should all be lazy, eat our favorite foods, be with our favorite people and just enjoy it.
It doesn't make us anymore sinful than we already are.
I for one, am looking foward to it.
But first, there's school, pies to bake, cleaning to do, gotta put the leaf in the table, get the dishes out, thaw the turkey, costume fittings for our church event coming up next week, laundry, etc., etc., etc. Don't worry, I'm not stressed. I just take one thing at a time and ask for help.
Oh, but did I tell you my hormones are raging this week?
Ladies you know what I'm talking about.
Yes, along with everything else I'll be doing alot of praying.

Kids are up now, time for school

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