Saturday, October 31, 2009

On the Road Again

We are headed to Tennessee.
Although there is an ongoing debate about what time we are leaving. I would prefer to leave at 3 am. My husband wants to leave as soon as the candy has been collected.
We'll see.
And yes, we trick or treat.
I know it is taboo for many believers. But we're ok with it.
I grew up Trick or Treating and I'm not an evil, devil worshiper.
Many of my friends from church are ok with it to.
I really feel that as long as we are not celebrating the original meaning of Halloween, then for us it is ok. We are simply wearing a fun costume (no scary or gruesome ones allowed) and going around our friends neighborhood and getting candy. We get together with our closest friends and have dinner first. It really has become something we look forward to every year. In our old neighborhood, it was like a block party. Everyone was outside their house with their candy and people talked and shared snacks and coffee. It really was alot of fun.
And no, I don't think by buying costumes and candy I'm supporting evil. I think I'm supporting capitalism and commercialism. And I have more issues with that then halloween.
There are plenty of things in this world that can turn a person away from the Lord to a wrong path, It's about a person's heart. As long as I'm teaching my children what the bible says, I think they are capable of trick or treating without turning to the dark side. It's the Word of God that helps us fight evil things, not abstaining.
That being said, if you feel for your family you must abstain, then by all means go ahead. It is not for me to say what one family does or doesn't do. I'm just talking about our family.
Anyway, that's my soap box on Halloween.
This year my son is a boxer. I made most of the costume with things we had on hand. I've been or my mom has been, making his costumes for most of his life. My daughter too. My daughter is now 12 so two years ago she decided she was too old for a traditional costume. We've been buying funny halloween t shirts from 5Below. This year she has a plain white t-shirt with lines drawn on it to look like a white business shirt. There a drawn on pocket protector and underneath it, it says Nerd. Really cute.

I'll have access to a computer while in Tennessee so I'll try to post if anything interesting happens.
A whole week with my kids, husband and inlaws all in one house. Oh, and my husband's sister will be popping in to, oh, you can bet there will be something to post about.
Just kidding. I'm sure it will be wonderful.
We've always gotten along well and we are looking forward to a week break before Basketball starts. Soccer ended on Tuesday and on November 9th Basketball begins. We just have this one week, then we won't have any time again till Easter.
So off we go.
After the candy of course.
Oh, and we give out our church's Basketball flyers with the candy.
How's that for fighting evil?


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