Monday, October 12, 2009

Movie Quote Monday

Movie: The Sandlot
Quote: "When he asked how long he had to keep the "Beast" locked up, the cops told him
F O R E V E R"

the Beast.
The Big one.
That Big Ferocious Beast.
Everyone has one.
You know what I'm talking about.
That one sinful behavior.
The one that no matter how hard you seem to try, it just won't go away.
No matter how many times you push it down, it doesn't stay down.
Whenever you think you've conquered it, it rears up again.

Ok, maybe I'm the only one.
I hope not.

We all have that one "Beast" of a sin. The one that we need to lock up, or control the most. It's the one we struggle with most often. The one that causes the most damage when we let it loose.

For me, it's food, eating healthy and maintaining my weight. Over the years I've struggled on and off many diets. Each time I think I've got it under control, soon after I find myself staring at the scale in disbelief as I look at the current number. I lock the "Beast" up for short periods of time. Once I think it has had enough time locked up and calmed down, however, I tend to let it loose thinking I can control it unlocked. That if it is roaming free, all I have to do is stay Stop! and it will listen. But the "Beast" is usually stronger than me. It doesn't listen. It doesn't stop when I ask it to. I cannot control it.

I must keep it locked up. All the time. I can never let it loose, not even once. I must never attempt to control it without it being locked up. I cannot tempt myself by letting it loose and trying to control it without the lock. It won't work.

Sin is a "Beast." The only way to fight it is to keep it locked up.
F O R E V E R.
No limited amount of time will work.
It must be forever.
It is a constant struggle to keep it locked up permanently.
We don't ever get to stop fighting our "Beast".
I wish I could. I've prayed many times that God would just take it away. I believe God leaves our "Beast" in or lives so we can learn to live with it locked up. We must learn to live a life of restraint. We don't just get to live our lives however we want doing and saying anything anytime. If He were to take it away, how would we ever learn to rely on Him? If there were no "Beast" in our life, would we feel we need God?

No, there's a reason we have this "Beast" that we fight.
We don't fight it alone. We are never along in our battle.
We must learn to lock it up with the Godly chains created by Jesus and his sacrifice for us.
Jesus lived the life of one with the "Beast" locked up.
He did it for us.
We must do it for him.
Not for a limited time,

P.S. the movie the Sandlot is a movie about a group of boys that play baseball in an empty lot every summer. The Beast is the large dog in the yard on the other side of the fence. The boys tell stories about how mean and nasty the Beast is. This movie is alot of fun to watch, howeve there is a little bit of bad language in it. The quote I used is from the part in the movie when the boys are explaining the "legend" of the Beast to the new boy in the neighborhood.

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