Monday, October 5, 2009

Movie Quote Monday

From the movie "Toy Story 2"
"Don't you know, you're valuable property?" Jessie - the cowgirl doll

The other day I took my kids to see the double feature "Toy Story 1 & 2" in 3D. Up till now my kids never really liked 3D movies. They were afraid. My son thought this might be a good way to break that fear since these two movies weren't really scary.
We used our Friday field trip day to do this because the theatre would be less crowded during the day. On the way there I told my kids how this was a special treat since the movies are so expensive. Also it was a priviledge since they are now homeschooled, that we get to do this kind of stuff.
The quote above stood out to me.
Woody didn't know who he was. He had no idea that he was part of something bigger than just himself. Jessie showed him the rest of the collection that he was part of. Woody was shocked to learn that he was so valuable. He thought he was "just a toy."
Do you know how valuable you are?
Do you sometimes think you are "just a ______" - fill in the blank.
We are all valuable to God. Sometimes we need reminding. It is essential for believers, myself especially, to remember that we are valuable to God. The bible says : "How much more valuable is a man than a sheep." Matthew 12:12. We read verses like this all the time. However I think it is still easy for us to feel like we have no value. That we don't really matter. We are insignificant. I know I'm willing to admit that I feel like this from time to time.
There are times when I wonder, "what's the use", "does this _______ that I'm doing really matter?" etc. etc.
Sound familiar?
Ok, maybe it's must me.
The truth is. We are valuable to God more than we know are can even imagine.
He loves us so much that he wants a relationship with us, blesses us continually, and he provides for our daily needs. He cares for us the way a father cares for a child. Everything about us is significant, has purpose. His love for us drove him to do the one thing He knew we couldn't do for ourselves. Pay for our sin. His son suffered immeasurable pain for oursake. His son, the third part of himself, the one who was perfect, the one in which he was pleased.

He loved us that much,
before we were even in existence,
despite the sins we commit daily,
and the sins we have yet to commit,
even though we push him away,
no matter how many times we mess up
He loves us.
He values us.
We are important to him.
Even if we struggle to believe it.
Because we're valuable property.
Don't you know?

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