Monday, October 26, 2009

Helped by the Flu

The flu has hit our home.
My children have been down with it for the second day now. My daughter is much better today. My son is still fighting it.
The one good thing about someone in the house being sick is, it allows for alot of down time. We spent alot of time yesterday just laying together. For someone who is busy most of the time, it was a welcome change.
Today was the same. We didn't do school today to give them more time to recover.
My husband is going to Monday Night Football so it's just me and the kids.
I cancelled my woman's group for tonight. I just didn't want anyone to catch anything.
We'll be vegging out in front of the tv watching movies together.
Tomorrow is my day off. I'd like to get back to schoolwork but we'll see how they are feeling.
Last week I was feeling overwhelmed and trying to get a handle on the "troubles" I have once a month. I really wanted to pray more and try to handle things better this month. I usually do worse when I'm busy on top of it.
Whola! Becareful what you wish for.
It was a rainy weekend with nothing happening.
My kids got the flu.
I'm spending lots of time just hugging on them and laying around with them.
I've had plenty of rest and prayer time and I'm glad to report that I'm doing well so far this month. I'm in the home stretch and it should be over by this weekend.
Prayers get answered in weird ways sometimes.


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