Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just what I need

Well, it's been awhile. If you read my last post you probably understand why. Boy was I in a "funk" last week. I'm still not sure what was going on, I was just so down and feeling blue. Sorry if that post was a little melancholy.
But I'm back now and wouldn't you know it, my amazing God, who never lets me down, has just picked me right back up. There were many, many things spoken right to my heart this past week that I know was directly from him. For my part in combating those blue feelings, I dived right into my bible and any and all reading material I could get my hands on that would solidify the truth for me. I took a few "prayer walks" and really talked to God and really listened to him. I haven't done that in a while, which I believe contributed to the "funk". I paid attention to devotions, scriptures, people, and situations I encountered looking for God's hand in them.
There was also some pretty good preaching in my church last Sunday. I can always count on that.
I'm definately feeling a better this week.
So here's an update
Yesterday was the first day of school for our exchange student. She seems to be doing well. She is very outgoing and not really shy at all. She has already made friends and plans to attend youth group at our church.
Today we will officially start homeschooling. I gave them yesterday as one last day. There has to be some advantage to homeschooling right? Right now they are still sleeping and I'm getting ready to take Jessie to the bus stop. We will school for a few hours and then I will go to work later this afternoon. I'm very excited about home schooling. Have I told you that? Last night at baseball practice (yes, my son is playing fall ball) I was writing in my journal and I wrote how I was feeling very "comfortable and at peace" with what we are doing with the kids. I really think this is the right thing for us. No matter what consequences there may be from it.

Oh, and I also saw my doctor last week. (during the great funk) I was feeling pretty rotten physically to. She recommended taking a multivitamin because she thinks I may be anemic. I started taking it a few days ago and I can literally feel a difference. I've never taken vitamins before so I'm a little surprised.

But do you see how it came at just the right time?
If I haven't told you before, "He's amazing"
And just what I need.


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