Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busyness and Obedience

Hello All!
I've got a few minutes before we start schooling so I thought I'd catch everyone up.
We're busy as usual.
My son is playing fall ball. He pitched his first game last Friday night. WooHoo! It is truly a wonderful feeling watching your children succeed at something they enjoy.
My daughter is taking a drama class on Thursday nights, recovering from a broken toe and still complaining about homeschooling.
I've still got my woman's group that meets twice a month, I facilitate an addiction group once a month, and our Wednesday night programs, of which I'm a coordinator and we started a new curriculum, has started again.
Soccer season is about half way through. I've missed alot of it this year because I've got to take my son to practice and games which is on the exact days that soccer practice and games are. This is probably the first time I have been this uninvolved with the program and it feels odd to not be there. My husband and I have been part of this program since it started at our church, first with basketball. I just love being there seeing all those kids playing and learning about Christ. Most of the kids in the program are either unchurched, or do not attend a bible preaching church, or they say they have a church home, but do not attend. It is just a joy to see God working through something as simple as a recreational sports program. I miss being there each week.
Although, I have prayed for God to show me where he wants me at church, hmmm... something to think about.
Jessie our exchange student is settling in and making friends. She loves going to church and is getting along well with everyone in the house, including the dogs.
There is alot happening with church to. Our daughter is now in Junior High and they have all kinds of events going on all the time.
And now to my point for today.
In the midst of all of this I am making a concious effort to read my bible more. Not a devotional, not a bible study (although I'd like to do one of those to, any suggestions?), not a spiritual book. No, I'm reading just the bible. I have a schedule that I dusted off and have picked up where I am now in September. Talk about a test. The schedule has me in the book of Ezekiel and Psalms. But I'm going to perservere. Through my woman's group, I realized that I have this habit (ooh those habits again) of bouncing around alot with my reading. I'll go back and forth between reading a devotional, then a study, then a verse a day type thing, then I'll try a book, etc. I used to think that this was working out fine. And sometimes it did, but most of the time I was just bouncing around trying to keep it interesting.
But the bible isn't always going to feel interesting. Sometimes there is stuff we don't understand and stuff that seems irrelevant or just downright boring. (sorry God).
God never said, "read the bible, you'll like it", or "read the bible, it'll be interesting". No, God said, "Read the bible"
Up the road from my house is this little church that has one of those signs out from that has movable letters. They change the message often and it is always something that gets your attention. I pass it just about everyday. Recently I noticed they changed it to say "What part of "thou shalt not" did you not understand?"-God
Wow, talk about attention getting.
But it made me think about obedience. And areas where I'm not being obedient.
So, I'm reading my bible,
just the bible,
on a daily schedule,
every morning,
in the midst of my busyness,
and I'm in the book of Ezekiel.
Oh, pray for strength.

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