Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Missed Opportunity

Ok, so a few months ago I read Lysa Tykeurst's book "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God". And between that book and a few others I've read, along with the sound preaching in my church, I thought I would be able to obey God more often.
You know, when you feel that little nudge to do something. That little voice that tells you to call someone, volunteer for something, or do something for someone? Do we listen? Do we obey? Unfortunately, not always.
But I was ready right? I had read the books, I had heard the sermons. So I was waiting. And here's what happened.
A week ago I got together with three of my friends that I used to work with. We have made an real effort to stay connected and keep our friendship going. (but I'll save that for another post). So we got together for dinner and to jujst gab a little. My one friend mentioned that her ironing board had broken. Right away I thought, I'm off tomorrow, I could get her an ironing board. I was watching her kids for her anyway, so when she cam to pick them up, I could give her the ironing board and save her a trip to the store. She works more than I do and her job is more involved, so she's busy.
Not only did I want to do this for her, but I was sure that God wanted me to do this. A simple little gesture that could mean alot. Well, I had good intentions anyway right?
So the next day I have the kids at the movies, and it is still on my mind about getting this ironing board. I call my husband and he tells me that he's not sure how much is left in our account. We were cutting it close to payday. (another post, another time to) I didn't know how much an ironing board would cost and I didn't want to mess up our account. Surely, God didn't want me to be irresponsible when I make this gesture right? I didn't want to drag the kids to Walmart if I couldn't afford to buy it, then it would be a wasted trip with five kids.
I didn't buy it. But I didn't forget about it. I even thought about calling her and asking her if she got one several times through out the week.
Fast forward to this week and I have to go and get some last minute things before our exchange student arrives. We go to Walmart, because I need to get the best deals I can on alot of stuff. I try to go to the back entrance by the garden center because it is less crowded and there is better parking near there. Well, we walk in and guess what is staring me in the face? A big ole display of ironing boards!!!! Can you believe it. A huge bin full of ironing boards in all these really cute patterns with one of those big blue and white "roll back" signs on it. They were only $10!!!!
I just couldn't believe it, a week later and I was till being reminded of this ironing board thing.
I knew when I saw that display, I had missed an opportunity that God had for me. It seems like such a simple thing and some people might say that it may not have been God nudging me, but I believe it was. For whatever reason he wanted to work through me with that ironing board.
But I didn't buy it, I didn't listen, I didn't obey.
Now don't fret, I talked to my friend just this morning and she did get an ironing board. I was actually a little sad when she told me. Somehow I thought I might still have time to get it for her.
Of course I told her the story.
It made her smile anyway.
I don't think the story was as much of an impact as actually giving her the ironing board though.
Live and learn, I guess.
I'll be ready next time.
Becareful what you say around me, I might show up at your house with whatever you need.
P.S. Our exchange student Jessie arrived yesterday safe and sound. She is from Taiwan/China and she will be with us for a whole year. We are all very excited and hopeful for the year to come.

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  1. You are such a good friend and your heart is right where it should be. God knows your heart...and your friends know it too!