Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An interesting week

Sorry for the delay in posting.
We've been busy as usual.
We left our kids behind in Tennessee on Saturday morning. We stopped just outside Washington DC for the night. The next morning we spent the day in Washington visiting all of the sites. We plan to take the kids there and wanted to get a head start on what to do and see.
We arrived home Sunday night about 9:30 pm very tired and very sore from all the walking in DC.
If you've never spent time in DC I encourage you to do so. It is really a lot of fun and everything is free so it doesn't cost much. There are many wonderful things to see and do there. The Lincoln Memorial is very impressive in person. Oh, and at the Smithsonian Museum of American History we saw the actual "Star Spangled Banner". The flag that was the inspiration for our national anthem. It is on display there. And there's this Air and Space Muesum out near Dulles Airport that is just incredible. They have one of the Space Shuttles in there! If you like history, DC is the place to visit. My husband and I had never been there before.
It was really cool!
Monday I worked and Monday night we had soccer sign ups at church. My husband had a church softball game.
Today I was off so we had breakfast out and then went to the beach. My husband took this one day off so we could spend a whole day together. The rest of the week he'll be working and so will I. Tonight we have soccer sign ups again.
It is very quiet in my house.
My daughter calls every day which surprises me, because she was the one that wanted to go the most. My son, who was hesitant about going, doesn't even want to talk to me half the time. They are having a great time with their grandparents.
I'm still a little uneasy, but it is getting better. I'm praying alot and just taking one day at a time.
I am even able to enjoy spending time with my husband without feeling guilty about it. We are being a little lazy, sleeping in and not cooking much.
But I guess that is ok, just this one week.
It's still early in the week, I'm sure I'll have more things to post as it goes on but for now
Gotta Go!

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  1. Way to go, Josey! Glad to hear you are enjoying your time with your husband! No worries - those kids will be back making lots of noise before you know it! Enjoy!
    love, Jacquie