Friday, August 21, 2009

An interesting find

Today when I took the dog out, I found a baby hummingbird in our backyard. At first I thought he must have fallen from his nest, so I left him where he was. Later when I went out with the dog again, (dogs must have the smallest bladders) the bird was still there. I watched him for a few minutes and realized he couldn't fly. One of his wings is damaged. He only has about half of it.
I called my friend who is a "birder" and asked what we should do. He suggested bringing it inside in a box to keep it safe from our outside cat. We mixed up a little sugar water and fed it with an eye dropper.
I contacted the local wildlife refuge and was told that they do not take birds, especially hummingbirds. The man I spoke with on the phone said he was sorry but the bird probably won't survive.
I spoke to one of my other friends who is also a "birder" and she said the same thing.
We can't keep it as a pet, even though he is unable to fly, it is illegal. ( I googled it.)
I did a search of statewide bird refuges to see if anyone could help. I'm waiting to hear back.
In the meantime we are feeding this little thing sugar water with a dropper and we don't know what to do. I have prepared my kids with the fact that the bird will probably not survive, but it will still be hard for them.
The chirping is driving my dogs crazy.
I'll keep you posted.

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