Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free Movie Day

Today was the last free movie day of the summer. BooHoo. Today's selection was "Space Chimps" or "Surf's Up". Both animal movies. Both far fetched animal movies. We've seen "Surf's Up" so we decided on "Space Chimps" Now, while I always enjoy a fun animated movie. And I'm willing to overlook some things because it is a kid's movie. This just didn't have enough fun stuff in it to help me overlook the fact it wasn't that good. The basics of it was ok. I think they were trying for something they just didn't reach with this one. A couple of funny parts, yes, but not enough. I'm glad it was free.

However as it was the last one, its just one more sign that summer is coming to a close.
Actually, don't hate me for this, I'm looking forward to it. Usually by this time I start getting antsy to get back to some kind of schedule. As much as I enjoy the lazy days of summer, dare I say it, after a while, it gets boring. I guess I'm not really a lazy kind of person after all. I always thought I was. I mean, I can sit still in the same spot for hours as long as my mind is busy or my hands are busy. And exercise? physical activity? NOT for me. That's why I've never really been a summer person. There's too much pressure to be active. People always want to know "what you're doing today" Even in school, the first thing the teacher wanted to know when we went back was "What did you do for your summer vacation?" And "nothing" was never an acceptable answer.
Now, we're not "mole people" or anything. Hiding out in the cool, dark house all summer. I'm all for getting together with friends to maybe hang at a pool or park or the beach, but I don't go crazy. Which of course is why I am unable to feel comfortable in a bathing suit in public. But that's for another post.
Hmmm. It's time.
It's time to get back to some sort of organization. Getting up at a regular time, keeping the house organized, and using my brain for something other than deciding on dinner. Time to get the routine back.
I know, I know, all you diehard summer fans out there are screaming "No No No! we don't want it to end"
To that I say.....
There is a time for everything....
And you'll notice that we are losing daylight earlier and earlier everyday.

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