Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's on my mind today

So, I think I have this whole working part time and home schooling thing worked out. I spoke with my boss again today about what hours I want to work and he seemed to think it would be fine.
I'm not entirely comfortable leaving my kids home by themselves even though my daughter is old enough to babysit her brother. It is really just my own fears that I need to let go of. However, It would be easier if we lived across the street from where I work, then I don't think I would worry so much. Every day I go to work, I watch for a for sale sign or a for rent sign just in case. I know I know, I just a little nutsy.
I don't think that is going to happen so I'll just have to keep praying and asking God to either give us a solution, or help me to trust him and be ok with it.
Next we have to order our school supplies and curriculum. I have a really nice friend who has helped me figure out what I need. I'm still a little hesitant about going overboard with work, but I think it will all work out once I start.
People have been more supportive about this then I thought they would be. It really surprised me. I'm glad people don't think I'm crazy.
Today my daughter is at a birthday party for one of her friends from school and I figure she is going to tell them she is not going back next year. That will be hard for her. She is still not completely happy about it. I'm sure I will get a few questions from some of the moms to. But it is definately done now. I think even if we did somehow manage to come up with money my husband probably wouldn't re enroll them. He is really liking the idea of home schooling and really so am I. As difficult as everything has been getting to this point, and as challenging I think the coming year is going to be, I'm a little excited about.
When I was younger I loved school. I enjoyed each September and when started a new year. As I got older I didn't like the social stuff that went along with school, but learning was really enjoyable for me. The one thing I'm still regretful about with school is that I didn't take it more seriously as I got older. I lost my joy for learning as I pursued other less important things.
Now I've gotten it back some as I read and study the bible which is good. But I can never get back what I lost during those years.
And I never went to college. I would have loved to. Not so I could get a degree and a better job, but for the learning. To be able to study things and learn would have been wonderful to me.
Anyway, I get a second chance now while I'm teaching my children.

What I tell ya? Amazing, truly amazing

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