Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer days

Oh those lazy days of summer! I think this is the first time in a few years that I'm enjoying summer. Part of my mission (I haven't forgotten about it, have you?) is to enjoy my time with my family. No matter what we are doing.

I think the key is not to do to much. They don't call them the "lazy days of summer" for nothing. I don't have a problem with my kids just doing what they enjoy on any given day. As long as I'm aware of whatever part I have to play in it. (driving, supplies, etc.)And we are doing things, but not too many things. My kids are generally happy just lounging around playing games, watching movies and reading, with the occasional trip to a friends house for a sleep over or swimming. So I'm blessed, they don't need constant "scheduling" to make them happy. But when you look at the calendar theres so much on it, it looks like we are running like crazy. We really aren't though. It isn't anything we can't handle or anything we don't enjoy doing.

Tuesdays Agenda:
I was off today so I took my son to the free movie. My daughter had a sleep over. This week it was Kung Fo Panda. I have to admit, it was actually much better than I thought it would be. If a grown up can say that about an animated movie. It was basically a story about an unlikely hero. Which has been done before just in different ways. But my son enjoyed it, and it was cute and there really wasn't anything offensive in it. Which is rare nowadays.

Tonight my son has a baseball game. He made the allstar team and they have a tournament this week. I don't know if I already talked about this, but first time playing and he made the allstars! I can't help it, that brings out the proud mama bear in me. He is actually fairly decent to. He plays second and third base. He's only struck out twice all season. Again, first time ever playing. This week will probably be it for baseball until next spring. Even though it has been time consuming, I'm enjoying watching him play. And the fact that he's happy playing, makes me happyto. He has enjoyed it so much I think he will be sorry when it ends. I know I will be.

Tonight I'm coaching at our church's basketball camp. My husband and I have been involved in some way with our church's basketball program for the last five years. I'm the least athletic person I and everyone else I know, knows but when God calls, he calls. It's really just about being their for the kids and being willing to share about Jesus with them. No athletic ability required. At least no anything more than you can get from a coaches manual. And I've got the Bible for everything else, so I'm covered.

Tomorrow I work and then my son has his last baseball game. My daughter will be torn between church (we have VBS on Wednesday nights during summer) and watching her brother play. What a choice. I'm not sure what she'll choose but either way we'll all be enjoying another summer day.
See? Busy, but not doing too much, and enjoying along the way.

I hope you are enjoying your summer to.
P.S. This post really just evolved into much more than I expected. I started out telling you about the free movie today and look where I ended up.

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