Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hit'in the Highway, uneasily

Tomorrow morning, at around 2 am to be exact, we will be heading to Tennessee to take the kids to spend a week with their grandparents.
We wanted to spend a week there together all of us, but with work and church obligations, my husband and I just couldn't get away right now. The kids were disappointed when we said we couldn't go. So we thought why not let the kids go without us? They were more than excited to do that. A little too excited if you ask me.
It is roughly a 9- 12 hour drive, depending on traffic, time of day and which route you take. We are also taking my nephew, which works out good because my brother in law will make the trip back in a week to pick all the kids up. We only have to go one way.
That means my husband and I will be alone without the kids for a whole week. I'm looking forward to it a little bit. But there's also the guilt of looking forward to it. Shouldn't I want my children with me all the time? How could I send them away? What if something happens and I'm not there? Will my mother in law no what to do if my son gets scared? Will they fight with each other or will my daughter take care of her brother? What about when they are in public? Will one of them get lost? or worse kidnapped? What if one of them gets hurt? My son doesn't swim well and they have a pool. Will something happen? What about in a week when they are in the car with my brother in law?
I could go on and on.
You see? I shouldn't be looking forward to it.
Looking forward to alone time with my husband? Looking forward to quiet? Looking forward to not having to referee all day long? Looking forward to a more exciting dinner other than hot dogs or mac an cheese? Looking forward to being able to find out what is happening in the grown up world, not spongebob's world?

You see my problem don't you?
No wonder I'm uneasy.

Well, God never said it would be easy.
Which is why I'll be relying on him greatly for the next week.
Beginning at around 2 am when we hit the road.
Oh yea, did I forget to tell you that on top of everthing else, I get car sick and very anxious in heavy traffic?
It's never ending....

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  1. Does it make you feel any better that I am trying to arrange a time for my kids to spend the week away at my aunts? First, for them - just so they have something different to do. But I am looking forward to it being just Guy and me - I think it is important to have that time just together. Don't feel guilty. Your kids will have a GREAT time and your marriage will benefit tremendously from it. Keeping you in prayer! love you! Jacquie