Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Gospel is Everything

Last night the women's disciplieship group that I am facilitating met. We are working through the book "Disciplines of a Godly Woman". It is a wonderful book by Barbara Hughes. However the book is not our main focus. We use the book to get conversations going. The purpose is in response to Titus 2. It is about women helping women to honor God daily in their life.

Last night we talked a little bit about Chapter 2 "The Discipline of the Gospel" Each of us took time to talk about when and how we came to know the truth of the gospel. It was such a blessed time of sharing. Each of us has our own story of how God brought us into his family. Each one truly amazing.

Remembering my own story as well as hearing others, helps me to put God back at the top of my list again. Not that he had slipped from the top completely, but I think we tend to forget how wonderful he truly his. During the course of our lives we all go through different circumstances that help us to grow spiritually in different ways. Some of the circumstances are good and some of them bad. But each one is orchestrated by God for his purpose in our life. At the time we are usually immersed in the things of God. After we tend to have this feeling of "going back to normal". At least I do. We go back to living our lives and not that we forget about God, but we allow him to be put back in the Godly place in our lives which is not necessarily out in front.

What I'm trying to say is, and I'll borrow from the book for a moment, "The Gospel is everything". The mere thought of the Gospel should be enough to rule our lives always through every circumstance even if that means normal everyday life. When I'm losing my temper with my children, or telling my husband I'm just too tired for what he needs, or keeping my mouth shut around my unsaved family members to keep the peace, the Gospel should be what snaps me back and reminds me of who I am and what he has done for me. That alone should be enough for me to change my behavior, besides the fact that those behaviors are sinful. But if I need another reason, what could be more life changing then realizing that if Jesus could do what he did for me, (a sinner, who will continue to sin) then anything I struggle to do is easy compared to that. Really, if anyone had a reason to say "I can't do that" or "why should I" or " I don't want to", it would have been Jesus. He was facing crucifixtion and death. And nothing I face is as bad as that.

The Gospel should be what defines me, motivates me, and satisfies me, (again borrowing from the book) not just something I know or talk about.
It is everything.

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