Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clean out the basement

There's something very liberating about clearing out and getting rid of things that are just taking up space. We spend the last week doing just that. In the hopes of having a yard sale. We went through every box and bin in the basement and decided what we could live without. We divided everything into four piles. Trash, keep, give away and yard sale. I was glad to see that there was alot more trash, give away and yard sale, then keep. I'm as sentimental as they come, and I've saved some special toys that have memories attached, (and someday I'll have grandchildren and they will need to play with their parents old toys right?) However, other than that, if it's been in the basement collecting dust for the last year or more, it needs to go. Besides what's so sentimental about McDonald's Happy Meal toys?
It took all week but by Friday evening we were ready for our yard sale.

We spent all day saturday set up in the yard making deals and getting rid of our stuff we no longer needed. The whole thing just seems rather odd. I mean reall, only in America do we have so much stuff that we have a sale just to get rid of it. ( my pastor has commented on this numerous times in sermons) And it's stuff we don't want, or don't use, or don't like or is out of date, style etc. Only in this country do we do something as odd as haul out all of our unwanted stuff, lay it out on our front lawn and charge a quarter for it. If we don't want it what makes us think someone else will want it?
One man's trash is another man's treasure, that's why.
Over the years I have spent time checking out yard sales in the hopes of finding "a good deal". Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. Sometimes I brought home stuff that just ended up in my own yard sale.
And it's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate when you just keep tossing into the basement without really looking around. Although I prefer to consider it practical that we still had things from when my daughter was a baby.
It might have been time to let go of the baby seat for the dinner table though.
And maybe the stroller.
Hey, I got my money's worth out of many things.
But serously, it was time to let them go.
Hey,we made a little money while we were at it.
Enough for a dinner out and a few new things for around the house.
I wonder how long before I'm having another yard sale?
It really is a strange thing.

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