Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Basketball Camp

Tonight was the last night of basketball camp.
For the last five weeks, once a week I coached a group of ten girls in basketball.
Now, I don't want anyone getting the wrong impression of me, I am NOT an athlete. I do not play sports. I am the least athletic person you will ever meet. I am like a misfit toy when it comes to basketball, I'm a coach who can't make a basket. And this time they made me a head coach. I'm normally just the assistant. Talk about stepin it up a notch!
But, our church runs an Upward Basketball League and an Upward Basketball camp, both of which I participate in, If you know anything about Upward, you know that athletic ability is not necessary. (although I believe it would be of some help, especially for me) The main focus of the program is to introduce kids to the love of Jesus and to tell them about having Jesus in their life. Millions of kids sign up for athletic programs every year and none of those programs are telling kids about Jesus. I can't help but want to be apart of this program.
So tonight was the last night of camp. It is always a little bitter sweet when I say goodbye to a team. I will miss them, but am a little ready for it to be finished. It is a little more challenging and requires more work on your part, when you lack athletic ability.
The thing that always stays with me for awhile is, wondering if what they heard had any impact on them. I know I probably won't ever know for sure, but I can't help but wonder if anything penetrated. The difference with the camp is, it is a shorter time period than the regular league. We only see them 5 times. That isn't alot of time to get the message across along with the basketball skills, and to try to bond with them. It is my hope and my prayer that somehow we did our job.
We sure did have fun these past few weeks. Ever play "sharks & minows" with a basketball? How about freeze tag while dribbling? The girls loved it and I didn't have to try to make a basket so that was a good thing.

No rest for the weary however. Next week we start sign ups for our Upward Soccer League and when that is finished, it is back to basketball again,the full league this time.

How does someone with no athletic ability end up coaching basketball and soccer?
The answer is simple: "An Amazing God who uses an ordinary life to fulfil his purposes"
Praise Him!

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