Monday, June 22, 2009

Long Weekend

We've just returned from our first camping trip of the season. I tried blogging from the campground, but I had trouble logging on with my husband's laptop. But I'm here now.

We camped from Friday until today. Even though we were only a 1/2 hour from home, it was nice to be"away". One problem though, it rained most of the weekend! I know, I know, the forecast told us it was going to rain, so I can't really be upset. We were just hoping that maybe they were wrong. Not only did it rain (all day saturday) but it was cloudy and cold each day. Which can really make for a looooong weekend.

But you know, it really wasn't a bad weekend. The rain let up enough that we were able to have a campfire each night and toast marshmallows. During the rainy times we stayed inside our camper and played board games with the kids, which they enjoyed. How often do mommy and daddy have time for board games? We watched a few favorite movies to. Our friends came for dinner one night and because they have an older son who took the kids to the playground, the adults had some good conversation time. We also slept in every morning. Well, if 8 am is sleeping in. We actually survived being couped up together for three days. Although after the 10th time my son asked his dad to play catch with him, my husband was ready to scream. It seems my son never tires of throwing a baseball back and forth. And "catch" is something you can do even if it is cloudy and cold. Ahhhh, to be 8 again and have all that energy and body heat!

Really though, the rain and cloudy weather helped us spend more time as a family. Which is something that I have made my goal for this coming year. More family time. Shhh.... don't tell them that. I'd like to sneak it in on them without them knowing it's happening. Cause you know if you announce to them that "we're going to spend more time as a family", the reaction is similiar to the weeping and gnashing of teeth they speak of in the bible. So I think it's better to do it in such a way that before they know it they're doing it. A BIG THANK YOU to God for helping things along this weekend with the not so nice weather.

Did I tell you God does amazing things in my ordinary life?


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