Friday, June 5, 2009

Same old same old

Friday. The end of the week. The beginning of the weekend.

For me, the end of a busy week, the beginning of a semi busy weekend. And in the midst of it all, God is calling.

Even though I have a lot going on, I feel that tugging on my heart that is drawing me back to God. Not that I've walked away from him. But I returned from London on Saturday night and other than church, I've had trouble making time for God this week. At first I thought I needed to get back to my normal routine and once I did that it would be ok. Then I remembered that in London, I had time every day for God no matter what I was doing and I was pretty busy there. It really hit me yesterday when I overslept. As I was trying to get me and my kids ready for the day I realized then I hadn't gotten to my devotion time. Immediately I made excuses, I overslept after all, I had to get the kids off to school, I'll have time later, etc. Then I remembered London. Not only did I not oversleep, I was up at 5:30 every morning, and I made time for my devotions everyday.

This reminds me alot of when I was on vacation a few months back. Why does it seem easier to do what we know is right when we are away from our normal routine? Why doesn't our normal routine include what it should? Why was it so easy there? Was I more spiritual in London than at home? If I was, then why? Did I feel closer to God there because of my purpose for being there? Isn't my purpose the same even at home? I could really keep going with this but you get the idea.

I'm still pondering it all even after I took time to read my bible this evening. One of the passages I read was from Isaiah and it talked about how the Isrealites repeatedly turned their backs on God. Many times I read these types of verses and I think "What are they crazy?" Whey can't they get it right? After all God has done for them, really amazing things mind you, and they still lose faith.

And yet, here I am doing the same thing. I have seen God do amazing things in my life practically every day, and yet here I am again wondering why I neglect to give him my time.

It seems my mission is not yet accomplished. Oh, I'm still on it, it just seems like I got a little sidetracked. I think I'm back on course now. Admitting the problem is half the battle right?

This is going to sound odd, but I think there is a revival coming on. My husband and I are praying about some really big things that could shake up the Bozzo household. In my heart I have this feeling that everything that we are praying about is all connected to us becoming the family that God wants us to be.

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