Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leaving on a Jetplane

Tomorrow I leave for a missions trip to London. I took this same trip last year and I am just as in awe that I'm going now as I was then. It is such a wonderful opportunity to serve others and God. We will be working with an organziation called Operation Mobilization. This organization trains missionaries and sends them out into the mission field. We will be working with their children while they attend training sessions. We will also be cooking meals for them. And we are doing all of this in the beautiful country of Wales. Although I will miss my family, I'm so excited to be going.

This week leading up to leaving has been slightly insane. There is so much to do and remember. Now, my husband is no slouch. He is perfectly capable of taking care of everything while I"m away. I've never had any worries about leaving him to handle things. But I like to make things as easy as possible for him. That's just my way. In doing that though, I've put unnecessary pressure on myself to get caught up with everything and plan meals and write up a schedule of what the kids have going on at school and with activities. It's endless, the stress. Yesterday I simply exploded when my daughter mentioned a last minute field trip that her teacher wants to take next week. Of course today, I had to apologize to the teacher for such a not so nice email that I sent him.

It was this morning on my way to bible study (45 minutes late) after grocery shopping, when I finally realized why I was feeling attacked this week. Quite simply, its because I believe I am. This is something I have come to notice over the years. Whenever I seem to be walking with the Lord and accepting his will for my life, that is when I feel the most doubtful and the most stressed about what I'm doing. It's those firery darts. It is in the midst of God's will for my life that satan will attack the strongest. He doesn't want us following God obediently. He wants try to knock us down spiritually so we give up.

So today my blessing at bible study was "stress", because I know I'm doing the right thing if I'm feeling it. I hope that makes sense to everyone.

Anyway, I leave tomorrow and I will probably have internet access for the first three days in London, then we will be traveling to Wales for five days where there won't be internet access. So it might be awhile in between posts. Please pray if you can for me and my family during this week.

I will truly do my best to post while there. If not, I'll have a lot to fill you in on when I get back.

Cherio! God save the Queen! London or Bust!

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