Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The simple life

Things are going well here in Tennessee, with the exception of the nightly discussion of where the kids are going to sleep. It seems the air mattress is the number choice for all the kids, so we have to make a decision every night as to who gets to sleep on it. Then it's whose going to sleep with who. For some reason no one wants to sleep by themselves, even though at home they sleep in their beds each night by themselves. Oh well, such is the life of a child.

For myself, I was contemplating this morning at 3 am, when I couldn't sleep about why it seems it is easier to be the people we are meant to me when we are on vacation. So far this week, I haven't had any trouble reading my bible every day and praying, we went to church on Easter Sunday even though everyone else at the house didn't. I've been able to referee the kids without loosing my patience. I have been able to be kind and loving in even awkward situations. So, I wonder why is it so easy when you are on vacation? Why can't I continue this behavior in my own home? Is is really the every day stuff that gets in the way, or is it me allowing it to get in the way?

I have always longed for a simplier life. The kind of life you lead when you are on vacation. But somehow it just doesn't seem to work out that way every day. There tends to be so much that we have to do, that it just consumes me on a daily basis.

I believe the timing of this vacation couldn't be more perfect. I'm praying about alot of big things in my life but at the root is this issue of a simplier life, one that takes into consideration who I am as a believer. I want to live my life in complete compliance with the Lord's will every day. It is a longing I have.

I believe it is all connected, the things I'm praying for, and this time away from home which is allowing me to truly be all God wants me to be. I feel another amazing God story coming in the near future. I can't wait to tell you about it.

gott go, breakfast is ready.
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