Saturday, April 11, 2009

Answered Prayer

Before I get into too much, I want to tell you about a wonderful blessing from this week. On Wednesday, I watched my son play his first baseball game. He is 7 and this is a really big deal. Since he was young, my son has had a horrible fear of being in front of people. Many times he has shyed away from doing things that he loves, just because he was afraid of people watching him. It would cause such anxiety in him, he would cry. He hasn't been able to sing on stage at church or school, play basketball (despite us signing him up two years in a row for our church's Upward Basketball League, that his dad runs), or do anything where he would have to be in front of people. No matter what we did or said to him, nothing seemed to help. We finally just stopped trying to convince him and prayed.

This year we again signed him up for basketball. And to our surpise, he finally played. It was such an answer to prayer for us. We had been praying and we had other people praying as well. He would play in our yard with his sister, but not on a court in front of people. When it came time for his first game, we held our breath. This year for the first time, he went out on the court and played. I cried as I watched him dribble and shoot out on the court. People commented on how comfortable he looked on the court and how good his skills were. I said, "he's had three years of practice, it's not surprises he is good." People just chuckle and then I explain what we have gone through. After the game during the star ceremony, I cried again as I told the other parents about his accomplishment. I had them all in tears as well. The season went so well, we decided to try to sign him up for baseball. He wasn't afraid at all. I watched him hit, run the bases and make a catch that resulted in an out. God is so amazing!!

I am just so gratefull to God that my son has finally over come this fear. I have remined him of how far he has come and how we have God to thank for it. I am just constantly in awe of how our Amazing God, and continue to work in such an ordinary life in such ordinary ways, and it feels extraordinary.

I believe this is something he will remember and be able to use to help him in the future as well.

On another note, this morning we arrived in Tennessee to spend Easter with my husband's parents. I am going to try to blog as much as possible about this trip. It will definately be interesting and I'm hoping for some wonderful amazing God stories. Please pray for me as well. Pray that I will be a Godly example, as well as a Godly wife and mother while I'm here.

I also need prayer because I have been asked to give my testimony at our women's retreat at the end of this month. I have already written a testimony, but it needs to be revised and shorted a little. Please pray God will give me the right words to express in a short amount of time all that he has done for me. I am also a little nervous about sharing with people about my past. Everyone I know from church, only knows me as I am now, they don't know who I was.

The good news is, I am looking forward to standing in front of people and speaking. When I was asked to do it, I believe it was another answer to my prayer about my desire to write and speak. I answered yes right away and I am looking forward to it. I'm starting to think I may be moving in the speaking direction.

Only time and prayers will tell, but every day I feel like I moving a little closer.

Time to go visit a little..... thanks for stopping by!

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