Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

Ok, so I'm off and running with this blog thing.
Today is Thursday and I'm off. I work part time at my church as a secretary in the Children's Ministry Department. I have two days off a week. Tuesday is usually cleaning day and then I have some free time to do things around the house, (or sometimes I do things for myself) Thursday is usually running day. I spend the day in the car running errands. In between the errands I go to my Ladies Bible Study at our church. Ladies Bible Study is such an important part of my week I wouldn't want to miss it.
But first, I drop the kids at school and then hit the grocery store. I'm going to let you in on my little quest that I venture out on each week at the grocery store. I only have an hour. I drop the kids at 8:20, I get to the store at 8:30 and Ladies Bible Study starts at 9:30. Now I know what you're thinking. Impossible! But it is sort of an unwritten rule that even though bible study starts at 9:30, you can really arrive anytime between 9:30 and 10:30. The first hour is sharing time. Susan, our pastor's wife, asks everyone to say their name, and give one blessing or something they are thankful for, from the past week. So if you get their late, it is really ok, (although you sometimes miss some really great God stories). So I'm not worried about getting there. I will make it, although I'd rather be right on time.
I have a goal for shopping. What I'm trying to do is get in and out of the grocery store, within an hour and spending less than $100 per week on groceries. Again, Impossible!!! right? Well, I've actually done it twice. Right now it ranges between $120 and $140 per week. I'd really like to get that down. I've tried going to different stores for certain items, but that is just sooo much running. For now, I'm trying to get it all done at one place. I may have to cave eventually and spread the shopping around if I want to get the total down. However, it might never happen. The thing is, I know have to keep everything in perspective throughout the day no matter what. I have to keep what is important at the top of the list. I may or may not ever reach my goal with shopping. And eventually I may have to stop trying to do so much and just wait till after bible study to shop. I prefer to do it before so I can focus during the study, not think of my grocery list. I'm not going it alone. I can pray for this right? It is not below Jesus to help me do what I need to do today as long as my goal is right.

After bible study and a quick stop at Weight Watchers to weight in, my friend and I usually go for lunch or coffee and chat. Then I have about an hour till I pick the kids up from school. Oh, and did I mention that after shopping, I stop home and put the cold and frozen stuff away before going to bible study? HeHe I know, I know....

So I'm not just off and running with this blog, I'm off and running with my day today. I'm not good with quoting scripture, but I know there is a verse by Paul about running the race and keeping the goal in mind. Now, I know he was really talking about keeping our lives in check and focusing on eternity instead of the things of this world. I don't want anyone to think I'm twisting scripture to include grocery shopping. What I'm trying to say is. My goal really is to keep Jesus in the forefront throughout my day. To take him with me no matter what I'm doing, even shopping. And when I've got a goal and I've got Jesus with me, (I've also got my reusable grocery bags) I think I'm on the right track.

I'll be back later to let you know how it goes.

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